Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm Baaaack!!!!!!

I know I've been absent for a minute, but I'm back now!!! So, I had a photo shoot the other day to show off some of my new pieces. I hope you like!!! Oh, feel free to leave a comment (good or bad)!

Black Skirt with polka dots made from old men's shirt, white tee with bow made from leftover men's shirt fabric, and pink hat with lace overlay and feathered flower bow detail.

Black flower print halter dress made from satin fabric. Black flower hair bow.

Pink flower print halter gown made from silk and charmeuse.

Clothing and Styling by: Me(Dirty Karma Designs)
Hair and Makeup by: Jeanette Marie Crutchfield
Photos by: Nicola Wilson Photography

Thank you to everyone who made this photo shoot possible!!!


  1. Wow!! I love them all Karmen! Wonderful work!

  2. I can't decide which one is my favorite?? Hmmm I really love the first one with the bow on the top and the really cute skirt! Girl! You are going to go places! Good luck with your next big project and keep making more!! And when do we get to order from you huh??? HUH????

  3. Awesome Karmen!!! The first one is my fave, love it!! great photos too :)