Thursday, December 31, 2009

The End of 2009.....New Year's Resolutions!!!

So, today is the last day of 2009 and I still can't believe how fast it's gone by. It literally flashed before my very eyes! I didn't get around to doing nearly any of the things that I wanted to, but this year it has to end. I must reclaim 2010 for myself. But's a list of my New Year's resolutions(I hope I can stick to):

1. Start selling my stuff on etsy
2. Take a trip somewhere, anywhere
3. Start a workout routine
4. Devote more time to sewing/crafts
5. Try not to eat so many late night snacks
6. Spend more quality time with my family

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Got Bored

I got bored the other day, so I decided to cut up this t-shirt. It's not perfect, but that's what I like about. Spontaneous fashion-it wasn't planned, it just kinda happened. The back is a cut out design and the front is the results from a bleach job gone terribly wrong. Well, until next time.....

My First Ever Bib Necklace

I've been seeing these bib necklaces everywhere I turn. They're on every corner like Starbucks! I think they're really cute, but they can be sometimes be a little pricey. And since I'm me, I don't like to pay for something I can make myself. Here's my first attempt at one of these little gems. I used a heavyweight black denim for the base, I interfaced it and then used a lightweight wool for the back to hide the stitches. I hand-stitched the sequins in place(no particular pattern) then added some flowers made from a black lace trim and some black satin ribbon for the tie. It was quite easy, but a little time consuming with the sequins. Hope you like......


So.... I've literally been working on this dress/shirt/tunic thingie for like ever. It's too short to be a dress and too long to be a shirt so, I guess for the sake of argument we'll call it a tunic. It has a scoop neck and a super low back, with a big bow on the shoulder. I got the fabric about 3 yrs ago. It was collecting dust bunnies before I decided to finally make something of it. I sketched it out and then cut out the pieces which also began to collect dust bunnies(seeing as they had been sitting around waiting for me for over a year). So, I said finally I've had enough with the dust bunnies and all. This week I decided to sew it up, and this is how it turned out. I wanted both of the ties to be in the back, but somehow I accidentally sewed one of the ties to the front(shhhh....don't tell anybody) and I didn't want to undo it so I just left it, now it looks a little strange, but still wearable. Let me know whatcha think.......

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fashion Show Part 2

Finally, the pics from the fashion show are here. These were taken at the North Park Holiday Hit List craft fair in San Diego on Sunday, Dec 6, 2009. The clothing is mine(except for the tshirt paired with the navy skirt), the jewelry and accessories were borrowed.

Gray, stretch cotton halter dress with piping detail and invisible zipper.....

Gray hooded wool cape and navy blue high-waisted skirt with gold buttons.

Blue flower print men's shirt refashioned to women's ruffled dress.

Flower print strapless dress with piping detail and pockets

Vintage skirt I found at a thrift store..... I turned it into a strapless top with a tie-back and a shorter skirt.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the photos. Leave comments........they're much appreciated!!!! Until next time!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Little Something For the Winter Months

So.....I wanted to make something really cute and comfy for the winter or whatever you call that here in California. I know us Californians are a little wimpy when it comes to the cold. So, I thought this little number would warm me up. It's a cute little cape with a hood made out of a lightweight, gray wool fabric. Hope you all like. Comments are very welcome.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Few Things I've Made...

So, here are a few random pieces I've made. Not for any particular reason....just cause!

All photos courtesy of my good friend, Victoria!!!
Check out her blog:

Monday, December 7, 2009

Fashion Show Part 1

So, the fashion show this weekend went great. Although, it started about 20-30 min late, but who says fashion has to be on time. I thought the models looked great and that my designs looked great on them. I'm so happy to be sharing this with you all. I will post pics from the show as soon as they are available. Keep a look out!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yippeeee!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!

Soooo.... I'm so excited right now!!!! I am going to be showing some of my designs at a small fashion show that's going to be held at a craft fair in San Diego. It should be really fun, I haven't done a fashion show in a super long time. Plus, they're going to have a professional photographer there taking pictures of everyone's designs so I'm hoping to get some really great pics out of it. But, anyways I've been sewing like crazy the past couple of months(I will post more pics soon). Well, gotta go til next time.