Friday, December 18, 2009


So.... I've literally been working on this dress/shirt/tunic thingie for like ever. It's too short to be a dress and too long to be a shirt so, I guess for the sake of argument we'll call it a tunic. It has a scoop neck and a super low back, with a big bow on the shoulder. I got the fabric about 3 yrs ago. It was collecting dust bunnies before I decided to finally make something of it. I sketched it out and then cut out the pieces which also began to collect dust bunnies(seeing as they had been sitting around waiting for me for over a year). So, I said finally I've had enough with the dust bunnies and all. This week I decided to sew it up, and this is how it turned out. I wanted both of the ties to be in the back, but somehow I accidentally sewed one of the ties to the front(shhhh....don't tell anybody) and I didn't want to undo it so I just left it, now it looks a little strange, but still wearable. Let me know whatcha think.......

1 comment:

  1. I really like the back! super cute, I could see someone wearing this to go out clubbing :) Great job!